Revenue Assurance Company

They provides franchisers with revenue audits to make sure royalty payments are being properly accounted for. Our project team reviewed and expanded their marketing plan and made suggestions for improvements.

New Hope Vertical Farm

This startup hydroponic farming operation will provide produce and specialty greens to local restaurants and grocery stores in the Fort Wayne area. Our project involved putting together a detailed market study and a legal review for regulatory compliance.

Epic Organics

Our project team reviewed their marketing program and suggested improvements that have resulted in increased sales. This start-up company makes organic soaps and lotions.

Biodyne Midwest

We reviewed their production process and made recommendations for enhancements that increased efficiencies and reduced cycle times. Biodyne Midwest is a small business that produces microbes for environmental and agricultural applications.

Ottenweller Company

Our project team applied lean manufacturing concepts to their manufacturing process and made recommendations that resulted in significant cost savings.

Schnelker Marine

We did an in depth analysis of their marketing program and made recommendations for improvements to the new owner of this power sports business.

New Paradigm Concepts

Our project team is currently designing a circuit for a new product that will measure blood volume in emergency room applications.

C-Me Incentive Spirometer

Our team is developing a working prototype for a new spirometer design.

Scherer Resources

We are assisting a new nonprofit corporation in developing a training facility for the disabled.

Watch Me Live

We developed a marketing strategy for a new company that is creating a business to live stream and download sporting events.

High Five

Our engineering project team designed a new product for this company to sell to the unmanned aerial vehicle accessory market.


We prepared a market study for a new product for the portable grill market and we are currently doing engineering and design work to improve the product.