Application Process

Step 1 – Fill out the client questionnaire form below.

Step 2 – The C3 team will then set up a meeting with you to garner additional information and discuss your project in greater detail.

Step 3 – Once you are accepted as a client, you and the C3 team will define the assistance that the C3 will provide and sign the Client Agreement.

C3 Client Questionnaire

To assist the C3 team in evaluating the possibility for collaboration on your project, please fill out the questionnaire below. All information provided is considered strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of project evaluation. Information provided will never be shared, sold or otherwise provided to any third-party without prior consent of the client.

Center for Creative Collaboration’s Background Info

C3’s objective is to facilitate the creation of student projects, which are led by faculty advisors, to help advance the efforts of our clients. To be selected, a project must benefit all three stakeholders by providing:

  1. Value to the client that moves the business or product forward
  2. An applied curriculum vehicle for the faculty member
  3. Students with real-world work experience

A project could be structured as:

  • A class project where an entire class works on the project for an entire session
  • A curated team of students, perhaps drawn from more than one field of study, devoted to the client’s project
  • An individual effort by one student
  • A workshop where students address a challenge in less than a day.